I've been a science, math and programming wonk all of my life. I started my youth taking things apart and occasionally managing to get them back together again. I seem to have some talent at this and, thankfully, the taking apart/putting back together ratio has been improving over time.

I started programming on an HP-25 calculator which got me through most of my high school and college courses. Damn, I was a master at that thing! As time progressed, I've programmed the Commodore Pet, the Commodore 64, the Intel ISIS system (remember those?), the HP-85 and,of course, the PC. Turbo Pascal was my plaything and I wrote several radio frequency and control systems analysis programs for fun. I was even an early submitter to the open-source community with a program called qCkt (for quick circuit). Posted it late one night to a local BBS and to one in California. I think I made $100 in total off of it. Nice!

Professionally, I worry about antennas and radio receivers. I even wrote a couple of books on the subject (search amazon for McClaning). I am currently retired, although I still do the occasional technical thing for money.

I married into a historic Maryland house which, as far as I can tell, has no right angles, no level or plumb surfaces, and no working insulation. It has been worked on by tradesmen; some competent and some incompetent,  Hence, I am in the process of (endlessly) remodeling the place. 


I've disabled comments. If it wasn't for the crazy, angry Internet, I would enjoy hearing whatever you, the reader, has to say. But, you know, this is why we can't have nice things. 

If you need to contact me, I'm at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. but no promises.